Monday, May 4, 2009

BadBoy特攻/ For Bad Boys Only (2001) 粵語中字

推出日期: 2001-01-20
語言: 粵語
字幕: 英文, 繁體中文
製作來源地: 香港
級別: IIA
Cast: Ekin Cheng/ Louis Koo/ Shu Kei/ Yeung Kung Yue
Director: Yip Wai Man
King and Jack are experts in finding lovers of first love for their clients. One day, a young guy, a man of concealed identity,
and Taiwan's richest business tycoon ask King and Jack to look for their first lovers. To King and Jack's astonishment, the women all look like the same……
BadBoy特攻 part 1
BadBoy特攻 part 2
BadBoy特攻 part 3
BadBoy特攻 part 4
BadBoy特攻 part 5

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